How to get UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Diploma?

I have passed RPA Foundation, level1-level3 Courses.How can I get RPA Developer Advanced Diploma(Orange)?
Note: What courses must be passed to obtain the RPA Developer Advanced Diploma(Orange)?
I got the Diploma of Completion in a single course(Blue).

i think you have to complete the certification to get this diploma

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sign up and take test!
Cheers @112233

I have passed certification already.

Hello @112233

By “Orange” you mean the color of the certification right ? You have the same one but in “Blue” Color ? If SO, it’s normal because they just changed style and color. Just update your personal information, it should change the style.

I have passed Level3 first.

I want to get this diploma!


Did you pass the certification ?

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I see, you want the lvl 3 diploma, normaly once you have passed the exam on lvl 3 you will be able to download it.

I assume Blue colour and Red colour embedded in the courses as well as in diploma certificates is not purely style! For e.g under UiPath Academy, there are two Business Analyst courses - One is “RPA Business Analyst training” (red colour) and other is just “Business Analyst” training.
Long time back, I have completed Business Analyst course (at that time there was only One Business Analyst course) and received the Diploma of Completion certificate as “Business Analyst Training”. Now these courses are pre-requisite for some other courses or advance courses, so how would I know which Business Analyst course I completed as both the course shows me option to Enrol again?
If you have completed any course, why doesn’t it show as “Completed” for the course?

If someone genuinly know the answer, please let me know.