How to get uipath robot to wait for email before running process

Hi Guys
How do I get the uipath robot to wait for email from Outlook before running process. I have so far used the delay activity to carry out this process. But is there anyway of setting this up in the get outlook mail message activity or any other uipath activity?

Thanks Guys in Advance.

yah thats absolutely possible
–we need a orchestrator to handle this
–yes in orchestrator we need to create a process (will tell you what to do with that process down) and schedule it to run for every 10 mins or approximate time we want
–so that the orchestrator will trigger that process once that process is able to find a mail with a particular subject and from a particular mail box folder
–and we dont need to use delay to wait untill the mail comes, this schedule will run the process and that process will look for the mail whether it is available or not and if available will process or wont
–now lets come back to the process
–the process should have a typical get outlook mail activity with the properties ONLYUNREADMESSAGE and MARKASREAD property enabled so that it will read only unread new messges and mark as read once processed…
–and also include a subject filter in the filter property to ensure that we get only that specific mail like this
"[Subject] = ‘your subject string’ "
–then make sure the Folder property is mentioned with correct folder like either if its from inbox then “Inbox” or from any subfolder of inbox then “Inbox\Subfoldername”
–and finally the TOP property be like more than 1 or any number above that
–If the mail is available the process which is under schedule will process it or it wont

hope this would help you
Cheers @bobby


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