Transaction Item value is null can you tell me what i have to change plz?

i don’t know which value i need to change and where plz

@Soudios I guess dt_WorkItems Value is Null, or in_TransactionNumber value is Not assigned

Did i need to put something here ?

@Soudios What Does TransactionData contain?

i think nothing here

what i need to put inside it ?

You need to assign the datarow (from your first run)value in it.

i am guessing this is the assignment 1 of the advanced training ?

yes yes

You need to assign WIList (the value should be in first run) in dt_workitems

it should be WI5List and your variable types should be datarow not datatable.
assign WI5List to dt_workitems

can u send me a picture plz ?

That’s in get transaction arguments. i don’t have the project anymore so can’t really show you everything.

Here that’s based on your screenshoot


and the conditions should be in_TransactionNumber <= dt_workitems.count

Thank you !

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