How to get the path of excel file which is already openend

Hi All,
I am trying to automate the desktop application.When I trying to click on generate the report, my file gets downloaded to the temp folder. Location is different for different users.
After downloading, the excel file is opened. My requirement is to get the downloaded excel file path.
Please let me know if anyone has an idea about this.
Thank you.

Hello @saransh_garg

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Hi @saransh_garg,
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I was able to get the location of the opened Excel File using the following steps -

  1. Using the Use Application/Browser activity (modern design experience), I pointed the application to my opened Excel file.
    Rather than taking the specific file name as a parameter, it takes the location of the Excel Application

  2. After step 1, your Excel Application will be present in the foreground, here use the following hotkeys combination -

  • Alt + F (to open the File tab)

  • “I” (to navigate to the Info tab)

  • “c” (to select the Copy Path option)

Once you have the path copied, you can use the hotkeys (ctrl + v) to get the value in your process.

Let me know if this helps!!