How to get the Orchestrator Instance Id

With the new licensing page on the UiPath web site, is that intended to work with existing licenses? How do you get the Instance Id of an existing Orchestrator so that the site can be used for changes to existing licenses?

An Instance ID identifying your Orchestrator instance is also generated and displayed. Keep this ID and your license key somewhere secure as both are needed for future license updates

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I’m asking myself the same question as you.
Did you try re-activating your orchestrator licence ?
Maybe that will create a Orchestrator instance ID for your existing orchestrator licence.

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The client I was working with did try activating through the web site, but was unsuccessful.
I used the regutil command line to license and then generate the necessary license file to get their modified license installed. I also had to use that command line utility for a separate new installation (2019.4.4) as the web site stated that the license code was not valid(it is and it licensed fine through the utility).

Same question here.

Any update on this"??? That website linked doesn’t exist anymore.

It would appear that UiPath has shifted the online license approach and has changed the page on the Orchestrator guide that describes the process. New link is:

Hey did you ever find a solution for this issue?

If you have not licensed Orchestrator through the web site before (the Regutil utility was used), then you would not have an Instance ID. I believe you should be able to use the web site as if the instance was not licensed before. Instructions for licensing can be found in the Orchestrator Guide (Licensing menu) :

For the particular case that started this thread, the Regutil utility was used to license the instance. Lookup “UiPath Regutil Command Descriptions” to find the links to using that.

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Am having the same issue. I’ve been going back an forth with their License team for a week. I don’t understand why this is so hard to provide - they are reacting like they don’t even know what the Instance ID is.