How to use the same licence code after reinstalling orchestrator?


I am trying to reinstall orchestrator due to some issues encountered with the previous installation. Now that the new instance is installed, I am not able to used the previous activation code to activate this one. What to do?


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Hi @acyli,

What is the error you are getting when trying to perform this activity.
Have you cleared the License folder after uninstalling.

A given license key can be activated only once. You have to raise a support ticket to UiPath using the form present at Contact Licensing Queries & Activations . You have to mention that you have reinstalled the orchestrator due to issues & ask them to release the key for activation again.


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You can always reach to uipath support with your license number, they can help you out better


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Hi @acyli
Welcome to the uipath community

When you activated your key, it will be registered with uipath online with the data of the machine , so you cannot unstall, change , reinstall the application you want,

Hope this is production licences and you have to contact and raise a ticket
If you need the immediate respond , make your priority according to the requirements and then will respond you soon

Make sure to inform the with all data and information clearly

You can raise a ticket from below link.


Hi @acyli What Orchestrator versions do you have? before and after the upgrade