How to get the list of fields(keys) in the Queue Item?


I have a queue item with more than 30 fields of data, now i would like to get this data with fields name and add it to a dictionary or data table…

For ex:
Transaction Item name: TI1
Name: V
Age: 25,

now i would like to these details(Keys and values) into dictionary variable or data table variable. How can I achieve that?


Hi @Bandi_Vinay_Kumar

Use Get Queue Items or Get Transactional Item to get the queue item

Now build a datatable using build datatable activity and store in dt1

Then use a for each loop to loop through a dictionary queue_item.SpecificContent

here queue_item is a queue item variable

using add datatrow add a array to the datatable dt1 with array as

{item.Key.ToString, item.Value.ToString}

Nived N

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Hi Nived,

Thanks for the reply, I would like to do this without using For each, is there any way, i can get the same output using queries?


I think invoke code can help it seems

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if possible, can you share me the code and for your earlier suggestion, i have tried with for each, what datatype of argument should i provide if i am using queue_item.specificcontent in for each? when i give the Object, I am getting key and value of a queueitem field together

U should give Dictionary (String, Object) in the type argument


have you tried:


I can’t test it myself right now, but I think it should be what you are looking for.


Did this thread help you solve this

Cheers @Bandi_Vinay_Kumar

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also a dictionary datatype you can directly use it and if want you can assign it to another dictionary variable.

Dictionary type should be

Dictionary<string, object>


This does not help me, I did this with for each, but I want to use a simple query to get all the keys & values of a queue items into dictionary. where as the above solution is only for single field(key) in a queue item …Is there any query to get all keys and values of a queue item into dictionary with single query?