How to list all values in a queue item?

We want to pass queue items through a longer process, and add a number of extra values to the queue items along the way. In special situations, we need (in the development process) to see the entire content of the queue item. Is there a way to write/print all single values to the output panel?

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Hello @Thue,

The SpecificContent of a QueueItem is a dictionary, so you could loop it, iterate over its keys, etc …

For example:




Hi Susan, can you please advise what type of variables you use in this example? When I try to do it I get an error that specified cast is not valid. This is because queueItem.SpecificContent is a dictionary of String,Object and while the activity Split key value pair accepts input of KeyValuePair (Object,String). Can you please explain how you made it work? Karolina

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I know this subject is old but i had the same issue, so I’ll leave an answer here.

You need to set the type of object of for each and Split key value pair to a keyvaluepair of string and object.

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Hi, it is possible to get all keys of a dictionary in a for each.