How to get the image -Date Taken from UI Path?

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I am actually downloading an image from the server and store to a local folder. I would want to get the image “Date Taken” of that particular .jpg file.

i.e image1.jpg->right click->Properties->Details->Origin->Date taken.

Could you provide me some suggestions?

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@Roopa_Budda_Thiagu, Refer this,

  1. Find latest File in a folder with respect to date Created - #13 by RishiVC1
  2. Open the downloaded excel file - #10 by andrzej.kniola

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The above sample tried using,
i got the date that the image has been copied to the local file system.
I actually need the image taken date.

i.e image1.jpg->right click->Properties->Details->Origin->Date taken.

Date taken is different from that of created , modified date,
Kindly help me in this.

@Roopa_Budda_Thiagu, In that case use the below code,

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has anyone tried recording such sequences for getting image properties?
right click- Properties->…

HI @Roopa_Budda_Thiagu,

DateTime creation = File.GetCreationTime(@"C:\test.jpg")
DateTime modification = File.GetLastWriteTime(@"C:\test.jpg")


@Dominic , @arivu96

Thanks for helping me out… (1.1 MB)

I have taken the image created date using the above - recording action.