Find Last Saved Date of an excel file

Hello everyone,

I need to get the last saved date of an excel file from UiPath Studio.

I was able to get it using python and vba but I need a .net solution.

Please advise.


Can get the Last modified file info by using assign activity, mention the below code to get the value as string.

new FileInfo(“FilePath”).LastModifiedDate.ToString

Hope this may help you.

Hi @m.harfouch

Step 1 : GoTo Activity panel → Filter → Enable StudioX
Step 2 : Search For Each File in Folder Activity

Step 3: Refer to the screenshot you can order by the requirement



Hello @nithyac please note that the last modified date is different from the last saved date as you can see in the below:

give a try on lastWriteTime

also have a look on following for retrieving extended metadata

@ppr thank you for your reply!

I tried this method as well, it will return the last modified date not the last saved date.

had you tried metadata reader?

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