How to get the modified date of specific file in remote Windows Server

Dear all. The studio is installed in my local machine. However I need to get the modified date of file( whole path is D:\XTlog\xxx.log) in the remote Windows server(The precondition is that I have open the remote server ). How could I achieve that? Thanks in advance.

Hi @FrankZhang

Do the standard ways of retrieving the modified date work here? See topics below which should be helpful (each has a post marked as a solution):

Hi @loginerror
Thanks for your suggestions. When the expression File.GetLastWriteTime(path).ToString is used, it works for the files-path in my local machine, however it returns 01/01/1601 for the file-path.

@FrankZhang Refer This post and download zip file

Thanks indra, but it does not apply to my case.

Hi Frank, did you found any resolution to this? I’m having the same issue as mentioned by you above, the date retrieved by the syntax is 01/01/1601.

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Hi @CristianDan

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Could you provide an example, maybe a screenshot of your issue?

The full syntax you used might help others relate to your issue and find the solution.