How to get the modified date of specific file in remote Windows Server

Dear all. The studio is installed in my local machine. However I need to get the modified date of file( whole path is D:\XTlog\xxx.log) in the remote Windows server(The precondition is that I have open the remote server ). How could I achieve that? Thanks in advance.

Hi @FrankZhang

Do the standard ways of retrieving the modified date work here? See topics below which should be helpful (each has a post marked as a solution):

Hi @loginerror
Thanks for your suggestions. When the expression File.GetLastWriteTime(path).ToString is used, it works for the files-path in my local machine, however it returns 01/01/1601 for the file-path.

@FrankZhang Refer This post and download zip file

Thanks indra, but it does not apply to my case.

Hi Frank, did you found any resolution to this? Iā€™m having the same issue as mentioned by you above, the date retrieved by the syntax is 01/01/1601.

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Hi @CristianDan

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Could you provide an example, maybe a screenshot of your issue?

The full syntax you used might help others relate to your issue and find the solution.