How to get the photo DateTimeOriginal / when a photo was taken?

How do I get the date a photo was taken?

PS:Don’t use the recordin function!

Hi @a2615523

You can read the date from the file properties of an image file.

DateTime dtPhoto = File.GetCreationTime(filePath)

Ref -

Karthik Byggari

ThankQ reply!
But I want get the DateTimeOriginal not the creation time, because the creation time will be change when you copy and paste.

@a2615523 Use this DateTime getdatetime = IO.File.GetLastWriteTime(“Ur file path”)

Thanks reply!

But,I want get this!

Not this!

Hello @a2615523
Please refer this workflow to get an idea and implement it in your way i have created a simple flow to get that date
Propertie.xaml (3.6 KB)