How to get the all the text from an ERP application

Hello guys,

I have attached an image below . For security purpose I have to erase most of the column values.

In column name “Challan/Loading Vrno”( which is yellow borderd) you can see two values like “CD21D22-003” and “CD21D22-004”.

Below values in this column I have erased.

The question is - I have stored an value in a variable and I have to match this value with the
other values in “Challan/Loading Vrno” column.

And if this two value match i have to click on the checkbox which is filled with red color.

Can you please help me?

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You can use Get Text for getting the value from ERP and use IF condition as

GetTextValue = YourValue

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 ,

But I have used Get text activity.

It doesn’t return the required data.

And I have to store all the values from ERP application. Then the check will happen.



Did you try with Data Scraping?

As It’s a tabular data then Data Scraping might work


The solution to this will likely depend on what the selectors look like which you are getting out of the system.

Can you indicate one of the values in the Challan/Loading Vrno column and open it up in UiExplorer so show the detail, and take a screenshot of the UiExplorer window. Can you also do the same thing but indicating the checkbox to the left of the value.

The ideal scenario here is that the one or both of those selectors actually contain the value you wish to match against as an attribute of that selector. If so you can create a dynamic selector which uses your stored variable to click on the correct row of that value, by either clicking on the checkbox directly, or clicking on the value but with an offset so the click happens to the left of the value, in the checkbox you need.

@Srini84 ,

Yes, I have already tried .

But it shows that data scraping is not possible here.

Can you try to get the selector for the first field and then the second field using UiExplorer. There will be a small difference between then and that might be the row number. You can try a while loop and inside the while loop add first the element exist activity, Get Text activity and then a validation condition to check if your value matchs.
First try to get the selector of the first fiele which enablea you to extract the text.

@Djh , @ashigarg

I am sharing the screenshot of the selector. I haven’t find any common selector of those challan no.

Please help me


@nirmalya.sarkar Can you please validate the selector by highlighting it. The selector coming in the UiExplorer is the window selector not the textbox selector.
Is the jave extension installed in your machine for the application?

You can use Computer Vision Activities to scrap data from ERP if no valid selector can be obtained via other means.

See the screenshot for your reference.


@ashigarg ,

Are you telling about java extension???

Hi @nirmalya.sarkar

Yes i am taking about java extension. Install it and then try to capture the elements.