Can i fetch only particular text using selector


I have a scenario where I want to fetch some part of text from ui.
let’s say, the text is: Hello: 100989 (Quick Reg). This int value changes everytime we open new record.
Now i just want to fetch (Quick Reg) from this.
I am using text exists, but it fetching entire text from ui. I tried using selectors as well by keeping aaname =*(Quick Reg). But it didn’t worked.
Is there any other alternative other than split string.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Riya_Bansal ,

Could you provide us the Screenshot of the Selector of the UI Element in UiExplorer ? We would want to know how exactly is the element’s value showing up in the aaname attribute.

HI @Riya_Bansal

Checkout this
In the selector use like this

matching:aaname = 'regex' aaname ='\d+\s(Quick Reg)$'

Check this and let us know


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