How to get text of an UI element next to a specific UI element?

I’m currently trying to use UiPath with a Flash-based web application.

On a screen of the app, we have an input field and we can see “how many letters are inputted” and “maximum number of letters for the input form”, and I want to get the number of inputted letters by using UiPath (see the image below, 6 is inputted letters and 400 is the max)

But I don’t know how to do it.

By using UI Explorer, I found the text “6/400” is recognized as two separate UI elements; “6” and “/400”.

selector for “/400”


selector for “6”


Does anyone have idea to handle this??

What I tried is…
-Use Citrix automation : find the image of “/400” and get OCR text from specified field next to the image
→ This somehow works but UiPath sometimes wrongly recognizes the text, for example, it says “6” when the text is actually “0” .

-Use Anchor Base : put Find Element as an Anchor and find “/400” by using it, then try to find an element by using following selector (I used “*” because the text besides “/400” changes)
→ This didn’t work and UiPath returns different UI element.


…and many other small modifications but nothing worked so far.

Use UiExplorer and select the element that you want to fetch(6)
Remove both name and text attribute from the selector and if idx field will be added in the selector. Check if idx value remains same 2 or 3 scenarios, then you can use that selector and use it in get text activity.