Get OCR text with uielement

Good day everyone,

Wanted to find out how to use a UiElement object in the Get OCR Text, but I am getting the error that the target element was not specified (use a attach browser/window). The UiElement object has the region im looking for. But if I add a selector to the UiElement then the region changes where it wants to look and it now looks at both the regions I specified and the entire selectors window.
Is there a way to remove this error but keep the region that I specified?
Please shout if there anything else I can provide to help understanding


have a view on this

you need to indicate the element what you wants to get the data from.
for example:
if you wants to get the scanned pdf data. you need to indicate on the pdf page by using the get ocr text activity.


Hi, I have indicated the element that I want to get data from via a UiElement object from a get attribute activity. But using a UiElement blocks you from using the selector aswell. And the UiElement object doesnt work.

Can you show me the selector please.


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