How to get number of transaction items processed?

Currently i have the following syntax : "Number of items processed = " + TransactionItem.ToString and get this Number of items processed = UiPath.Core.QueueItem

Instead of the Core.QueueItem i need the actual digit.

Does anyone know the correct syntax for that?

Could you please be more clear?

Hello @Ashish_Verma which part? It seems pretty clear to me that the exceptions i’m looking for is Number of items processed = 79 instead of Number of items processed = UiPath.Core.QueueItem

Please let me know if you need more explantation.
Thank you.

Hi @michaelamay0

You can use the Get Queue Items activity. In the activity property, use the Queue Item Status property to filter and get only the processed records. You can use the Successful and Failed items to get the actual count.

Next, use the variable.Count option to get the count.

Additional note: this will give you all the items in the queue including items processed in the past. So use the property “From” to get the latest records

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@Lahiru.Fernando thank you.