How to count the remaining transaction items in a queue?


Please, i just need to check the number of transaction items remaining in a queue.


pls try below

  • Use Get Queue Items activity
  • Properties - select QueueItemStatus = New
  • Create a variable name like newQueueList and assign to - QueueItems =newQueueList
  • Log message = newQueueList.Count
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It only works for 100 items… Thanks!

yes - Get Queue Items activity retrieve max. 100 items.
You can make an API request:

Get the queues

Get queue items based off of Queue Id$filter=QueueDefinitionId

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Thank you very much on your quick response.

Please, could you tell me briefly how to make the API request in UiPath?

Thank you again.

Edit: I have used Postman as well as I know the Swagger UI webpage but I didn’t implement it in UiPath itself ever

pls use the orchestrator-http-request activity and follow the postman inputs for the QueueDefinitions nd queueitems

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Yes i know i have to use Orchestrator HTTP Request activity. I was asking for something more specific :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks anyway

pls find some sample http request file…
pls change variables, id’s accordingly… cheers!
HTTP Request.xaml (8.2 KB)


Thank you very very much!

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The workflow has unresolved acitivities and I can not see them :frowning:

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The workflow has unresolved acitivities and I can not see them

You need to add the UiPath.web.Activities package to the project containing this workflow.