How to get network files

Hi, my input files will be in a network and RPA has to retrieve it monthly.
E.g. http://…/…/…/
But the name isn’t fixed. I cannot read range dynamically.
In the internet machine, I would use directory. getfiles and get the name of the file.
In intranet machine, I am unable to use that code for some reason.
//As a workaround, i found that there is an activity called uipath.ftp.activites that can be used but it is not available in intranet machine.

Kindly advise.


Well do you know where you want to upload the file in your FTP location
then we can use UPLOAD activity under ftp activities
But we need to know the remote folder path where we want to save the file

Cheers @sangasangasanga

Hi, isn’t that activity depreciated

but its working
Cheers @sangasangasanga

Okay but how does that help me?
I want to retrieve a file from the network and read it

i have tried many times with Download option in Ftp activities, it didn’t work for me but the strange thing is upload works fine
Well we handled this with two ways

  1. Either we can get that file when it is placed in a shared folder tht can be accessed by all who has access to that folder
  2. we can onedrive to access that file, we can place the file over there and can be retrieved or uploaded any time we want

Hope this would help you
Cheers @sangasangasanga

I can try but i don’t have FTP package in my intranet machine. I can’t find the location of FTP package in my internet machine to transfer over

We dont need FTP package to be installed if we are using the above two methods,
still we will be knowing the file path as we are going to place the file the shared folder, to which you should be having access to get the files
or place the file in ONEDRIVE, if so you can sync that onedrive in your system and get the files, we dont need to know the location of the file in the internet machine (the one you mean)
we found ONEDRIVE more easier over the first one

I tried but the activity is missing