How to get multiple text from web screen?

Hi All, I am still new in Ui Path and here also. I have tried Get Text activity but somehow I have to do it multiple times for each text and assigned it to multiple variables .
Can anyone share other solution for the issue?

can you post screenshot of the multiple text youre trying to get?

if the text have a similar format you can try use data scraping

if it doesnt work and you have to store it in many variables , just store everything in a dictionary

  • for each get text, assign output to a string variable e.g. tmp
  • assign tmp to dictionary e.g. dictionary(“Text1”) = tmp, dictionary(“Text2”)=tmp and so on…

then you can access your results by doing:
dictionary("Text2").toString for 2nd result
dictionary("Text1").toString for 1st result and so on

Hi @nfa

Welcome to Community,

If you want to extract the text from the Tables , please use the Tutorials as suggested by @jack.chan .

If you want to extract the text from different places, you need to use Get Text and store it as variables.


Hi @nfa

if every value you need is on same screen
i can recommend you to use parallel activity

in activities search for Parallel and place your get text inside that , this basically helps you to save time


The data are scattered over , place at different places on the webpage. So might still need to use the Get Text activity. Ill try out your alternative on storing everything in a dictionary.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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