Extracting Web Based Text from Strava

Hi Guys,

I’ve undertaken the foundation learning with UIPath and really starting to get a feel for the tool. I’ve developed a few little processes which have all been fine but I’m really stumped on pulling out some difficult web based data.

Does anybody here use Strava or have access to a Strava account? I’ve tried adding a link to one of my activities here but you may need a login to view. 2.5 km Ride Activity on May 22, 2018 by Steve C. on Strava

You’ll see at the bottom of this webpage is a section called “Segments”. I’m simply trying to get the text from this Segments table into a DataTable so I can work with it. I’ve tried all sorts! Get Text, Screen Scrape, Scraping Relative to Image or even Scraping all text on the screen. The issue I’m having is pulling the text from multiple activities despite each page having the same looking structure. I get selector based errors everytime but can’t find a selector that works.

Is anybody at all able to assist with extracting this text in any way? I’m more than happy to format it post extraction to get it right. I just can’t find a way to pull it from multiple activities.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steve C

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