How to get multiple attributes instead of single attribute?

I have used get attribute but it takes single attribute i need multiple.

else How to get all Property Explorer…??


With Get attribute activity we will get one attribute only at a time. If you want multiple attributes then we have to use multiple Get attribute activities.

Else you can do one thing store that selector in one string variable and do string manipulation to get all attributes.

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Yes i can take as Selectors but as individual attributes i need to get.

I need like this way

kindly note:

  • your first screenshot are available selectors
  • your second screenshot are properties of an uielement

some selectors are formed by attributes
some selectors are provided by UiPath on different way

coming forward to your question:

Get attribute activity we will get one attribute only at a time

I agree to @lakshman

an equivalent to get attribute activity is the code line: uiElementVariable.Get(“attributeName”)

a closer look to the Api shows that an uiElement has a Property: Attributes returning a string array with the available attribute names e.g.

so the combination of uiElementVariable.Attributes and uiElementVariable.Get(“attributeName”) gives you the working tool to work on a programmatic approach with all attributes of an uielement


yeah this is good but based on my scenario i need with attribute name with attribute type i.e,
“app”:“chrome.exe”. By this way I need to get all the attributes.


just for clearification, maybe I got you different:

an uielement has attributes, that we can retrieve with activity or the Get(attributename)
you are interested on information about the attribute (e.g. DataType) and are looking for something like a attributedescriptor etc., right?

So, from api viewpoint such a descriptor concept is not available but the datatype can be retrieved with getType method.

have look on this sample

is doing:
fetch all available attributes
logs attribute name, datatype and value

result is looking like this:

easy attribute value retrieval can be done now with this custom library: