How to get list times from sharepoint list and iterate for each queue

hi all is there any possibility that we can directly use get list items instead of going from for each list my share point has many lists and i need queue items from list named “TicketDetails” with odata filter so that i can get required list items instead of all and then i need to iterate for each queue item and perform business operations and update that queue in the list again with updated value

Hi @bpt.teja1996

Try this-

  1. Add the “Get list items” action to your workflow or code.
  2. Configure the action to retrieve items from the “TicketDetails” list in SharePoint.
  3. Specify the OData filter in the action’s settings to filter the items based on your requirements. For example, you can use a filter like “Status eq ‘Open’” to retrieve only the items with the status “Open”.
  4. Once the “Get list items” action retrieves the desired items, you will have a collection of items to work with. You can then proceed to perform your business operations on each item in the collection.
  5. After performing the necessary business operations, you can use the “Update list item” action to update the corresponding item in the “TicketDetails” list with the updated values.


hi @Nitya1 i am confused how to pass parameter list in the above activity can u help me