How to get Latitude and Longitude from Geocodio website using Screen scarping method

I have plenty of Addresses in one Excel sheet.I extracted Longitude and Latitude for those from Geocodio website manually. It worked and got correct results. Now I want to extract them with the help of Uipath. So, I used Screen scraping method… but I am not able to do so, getting struck at middle. I used this processLongitude (3.8 KB)
Please tell me the changes I need to do, or any process you can recommend for this…it would be really helpful to me

Anyone please reply on this

Could you please share screenshot of the website… or URL where you grabbed latlong.

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@rkelchuri thanks for replying, this is the website which I mentioned;_ylu=Y29sbwNzZzMEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1607366734/RO=10/

Could you please narrate steps how you extracted manually. we can convert them into Robot Process…

  1. Open “” site.
  2. Login “enter User ID and pw”
  3. Click “LatLong”
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Make sure that you logged in to the website or else please signup using your Email id and create a new password.
Steps to extract Longitude and Latitude from Geocodio website

  1. Open “”
    2.Click on “New Upload” here
  2. Click on “Drop your Spreadsheet here”

    4.Select the Excel sheet(which contains Addresses), which you want to upload
  3. Click on Preview and check the points located
  4. Click on "Yes looks good"
    7.Scroll down and click on “Continue” button
    8.Click on “Start” button and finalize it
    9.Now the Excel sheet is ready in the downloads and you can download it

ok this is download process of latlong in an excel spread sheet. Now with those data what you wanted to do ? please advise…

You wanted to automate download process or … downloaded data need to use for locating different locations… on map… ? need more details…

Yes, I want to automate download process… I want to do it with Uipath…Can you please suggest any process. I tried it with the help of Screen scraping but I am getting struck at middle of the process

I tried in this manner but its not workingLongitude (3.8 KB)

ok it’s just a simple web application. What ever steps you have narrated above… just follow same sequence and use activities accordingly.
Please post if you face any issues.

yeah sure…Tq