How to get excel data with out headers and paste it online

hi friends, i am having trouble pulling info from my excel sheet. so basically i just pulled data from a email body by saving it as a .mht file and then scraping it online to a excel sheet. The thing is that the excel sheet looks like shown below. i dont want it to pull the first row because that’s suppose to be the header but its not when pasted on the excel sheet. so how can i grab everything below the first row, and type into a text box online. currently i am used to calling the cell like this “datatablename.Rows(RowNumber)(“headername”).tostring” but this doesnt work since no header. please help

Use column index
The Column index start with 0
Example column A=0, B=1, C=2 vice versa


Hi @Shazid_Rahman ,

We do not see a Screenshot/file of the data being attached. Could you check or upload it again ?

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