Extract Datable from webpage to excel

Unable to extract Datatable from webpage to excel where there is scroll bar between table header and body .Please provide help how we can extract.tried with Data scraping activity but column headers are not getting extracted

Can you show the website as example?

Hi moenk, Please find attached image.

Well I thought of an URL, a picture does not really help.

Did u faced any error while datatscrapping it ?

No , when I try to extract data from this table it does not extract column headers…only scrollbar is getting displayed.

No I do not see error…but due to scroll bar in middle complete datatable is not getting extracted.when I try to extract table body and header separately …table body gets extracted completely but table header shows scrollbar…

Hi @Aarthi_Kumar

Can u extract complete table ?

Did u tried that

Yes I tried…but could not extract…it shows only scrollbar…which in between table header and body

So try in normal way of datascraping.

Like select a cell value and then name the column with a name like that

Instead of extracting while as a datatable

In that case then I need to manually name column headers right…is there no other way to extract column headers…

Or instead of manually writing the headers u can use the datatscrapping to scrape the headers seperately and write in to the excel file and then again datascrape the webtable part and append it to the same excel file using the append datatable activitiy.

Hope it helps you


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That’s were it does not works…when I try to scrap headers I shows only the scrollbar which is below header.it does not show header rows.

Then I think u have to manually add the headers and append the datatable to Excel file

Hello Aarthi,
In this video I filter the text in multiple ways to have a perfect format for Generate DataTable (maybe this will help you):

30:30 Generate DataTable
33:00 Filter data for multiple fake spaces before Generate DataTable
38:20 Filter data with multiple spaces inside of column
Cristian Negulescu

The issue may be due to the 2 different table,
1st table has only column header
2nd table has the data
So when you get the table from web you’re not getting the table column names

Hello Aarthi,
In this video, I have multiple use cases of UiPath extract data from the Web and write this data in Excel:

0:42 Extract table from a web site and write this data in Excel
2:40 Extract emails from Yahoo Mail and write this data in Excel
5:00 Read Data from Excel search on Google and write back the data in Excel
8:05 Run the process
9:25 Count the repetition of string inside excel table
15:55 Copy only rows that contain a specific string to a new table

Cristian Negulescu