Get data from each excel row

I have this excel
I want to put each data from that excel into a webpage “I take the data in A1 submit the info and repeat with A2”
There is a way to pick all the info
Thank you


here is an example how you could do this



you add delays or navigate to new from after the submit button in order to always get the form active


Instead of doing this process manually, you can simply iterate over the datatable containing the data and then feed the same into the webpage.
-Read the datatable using the Read Range Activity.
-Then iterate over the output datatable from the previous activity using For Each Row in Data Table activity.
-Then in a assign activity,
strVar = CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString
Use this string variable according to the use case.


I have trouble with saving the name of the info I create like this

it says colum name doesnt exist this is my excel again

Hello @Juandix ,

Please over into inside of the assign activity of Error Simple , then what is showing the error Msg,

Please share me the error msg.


Hello @Juandix ,

Column Name “A” is Multiple times Available in your input Sheet ?

it means that your are giving the wrong header name, please use the correct one you have within your excel or else use index like this


Hi @Juandix, you do not have a header for the column. You either need a column name to access the data inside it or, column index. So, you can use the below as @fernando_zuluaga mentioned for this scenario.

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