How to get dynamic links?

I want to get dynamic links on as picture below.

I’m trying as following:

  1. Open browser:
  2. Get attribute.

  1. Update GetAttribute.Selector to get dynamic links when the web change.
    "<webctrl aaname=' Crowdfunding plea to save Dalit women’s radio ' tabindex='0' tag='A' />"
    <webctrl aaname='*' tabindex='0' tag='A' class='story33x1-story' />

It’s work I get the first dynamic link.
How to get the second dynamic link? Could you suggest me, please?

Hi @akkapolk, you could try Data Scraping.

Cheers. Hope it helps.

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You can use data scrapping and all the URL will be stored into DataTable.

Main.xaml (9.0 KB)

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@quihan, OK I did it, thank you very much.
@Rashmi, OK I did it, thank you very much.