Data scraping on dynamic web

Hello all,
I’ve tried all purposed solution from the past and my bot still not working. I have to scraped data from dynamic URL and save it to Excel.
Opening first web page, from this page is opened a second tab, where URL is always dynamic (depend on data from first page). Everything is working fine, data is captured and saved. But always from the same URL (from first open URL).

Can someone help what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you!
Kr, Mojca

And here is current selector for second URL

Hello @mojca

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Did you compare the first URL and Second URL selectors. May be it was same so the bot always trying to extract from the first URL. If possible, share the selector screenshots for the first and second URL

Hello Usha,
Here is the first selector

Second is already posted in my first replay.

Try to replace title with “*” & highlight it. Check whether its highlighting the proper url page.


Hi Lakshmi,
First selector is working fine. I have problems with second one.
Second URL is created when button is clicked on first page. I replaced dynamic part with *
(please see my replay on post. This is second selector)
Before bot is going to second window, I am closing first one @ushu
Any idea?

Hello @mojca

Please do Activate the Window using Activate activity before extracting from the second URL then, try to extract. See how it goes

Hello @ushu
Aaaaaa, it’s working now! Thank youuuuu!!!

@mojca :+1: :grinning:

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