How to get document understanding Api Key in On prem Orchestrator


I activated UiPath - Flex - AI Unit Bundle - 60K license in Automation suite. But i am not getting API key for document understanding. So how to get API key for Document understanding.



Go to admin page on orchestrator and then go to licenses where you can find the key for document understanding


I went there only I don’t have any API key. API key not available. I got number of pages only.


Check the table in the below post, Identify which is your Scenario and you’ll be able to Find at which location the API key is supposed to be present.


Check out this below points

  • Use Automation Cloud instead of on-prem orchestrator.
  • Automation Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides access to various UiPath services such as orchestrator, AI Center, automation hub, and more.
  • You can sign up for a free community edition or a paid enterprise edition of Automation Cloud.
  • Once you have an Automation Cloud account, you can find the document understanding API key under Admin > Organization > Licenses > Robots & Services.

Check out this document


I want to use on-prem orchestrator. I don’t have any other option.

If i need machine learning classifier/extractor . We need to install Ai center?

@BNK ,

If your current setup does not include Automation Cloud/ Enterprise Cloud, then yes AI Center is required to be installed as a Stand alone or as a part of the Automation Suite.

Let us know what is your Setup or what is the type of setup you want to have.

I believe the below is the License you have procured.

Even though you have On-Prem Orchestrator, you could also have the Automation Cloud to be used along with it, as you would not need to worry about the Setup or the Infrastructure when Automation Cloud is in place.


As you mentioned we procured UiPath - Flex - AI Unit Bundle - 60K license. and we installed in Linux machine and activated our Ai bundle license. We are trying to use Document understanding but in Orchestrator License page API key(for Document understanding) is not available.

Our scenario: Enterprise On-Prem Air-Gapped (Offline) deployed on Automation Suite

@BNK ,

I believe there was a Similar post already created and resolved, Have you Checked it ?

I think we would also need the Enterprise Cloud License but this could be clarified with the Sales Representative that your team is in contact with. Maybe they could clear this up to you.

So, again i need to create cloud account. As per that reference post?

Hi @BNK ,

Apologies for the late reply. For the Air-gapped scenario on-Prem, I think we would not need the API key. Check the below post :

If you were able to resolve the issue or have found a different solution for your topic, do let us know.