Can't find AI Center API Key

I just installed the AI Center in a Linux Server (my infra is all on-prem) and it’s deployed and connected to the Orchestrator, I opened the application and all.
However, I can’t seem to find it’s API Key so I can use Document Understanding activities. It does not show in the Document Understanding card inside Orchestrator as I was told it should.
Do you guys know where can I find it, or if I’m missing some procedure for it to be shown?

Thanks for your reply!
However, the interface for Orchestrator on-prem seems to be quite different.
In it, I only have the cards in the Licenses page, with no action available in the DU card, there isn’t a See More button or anything in it:

Go to admin and select Robot and services. You can view it in a different type of UI.

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1,

@Lucas_Ferraz looking for a solution in the on premises version not the cloud orchestrator. I am sure they are two diffferent setups.

That’s precisely the case.
My interface is very different, the options from the prints above don’t exist.

Hi @Lucas_Ferraz
You need to create a cloud account in parallel and get your DU API key from there. We are using same metering server but your data won’t leave your infra (unless you use the public endpoints).


Hi Jeremy!

Even though all my infra is on-prem, I need a cloud account?
I created one but ended up with a trial. How do I create one that is in sync with my licensing?


If you have an On Premises Connected license, then you should also have an Enterprise Cloud license. If you do not, then please reach out to your Sales rep.


Hey Alex,

We were unaware that even with an all on-prem infra, we needed a cloud account.
I reached out to support and got this figured out. I created a Trial Cloud Account and sent them the Support ID. They made it into an Entreprise Cloud Account, and I was able to generate my AI Center API Key.
This process could be more clearly documented in the UiPath AI Center pages, it can be very confusing.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Lucas_Ferraz,

Thanks for sharing the final approach. We will be in your shoes in some months, so this was good information to aid our plans.

This process definitely must be streamlined. Read the whole thread and it was quite confusing.

On-prem and yet a cloud account!

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