Document Understanding with on-premise Orchestrator

Hello dear forum,

I’m a bit lost, let’s see if someone can give me a hand.
My company has purchased several products from UiPath. I have installed Orchestrator on-premise and it seems to be working correctly. However, now I want to make a document understanding project (I have followed the example in the documentation Extracting data from receipts) but I can’t get it to work, I don’t know where to find the APIKey, nor where to find the ML Skills, ML Packages, etc.
I thought that the API Key of document understanding and the rest of the components would be found in the Host or in the Tenant, but not. I have also looked at the Identity Management Portal.

I don’t know if apart from the on-premise Orchestrator we should also have a cloud. My company doesn’t know what to tell me because they bought the products and asked me to install them.

Thanks in advance

Hi @jrmp

I will prefer you to contact to the sales team.

Or you can take a help from support team as you have the enterprise license.

Hi @jrmp ,

Take a Look at the Below Documentation, It does provide you with some details on Locating the API Keys as per the Type of Installation done :