API Key for Document Understanding

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I am using Enterprise On-Premise version of Orchestrator. I just need to get the API key for Document Understanding. I am not sure from where I will get that. Can anyone help me on this please?
Do we need to purchase anything separate for getting that? I am unclear about that. Please help

I orchestrator go to Licenses>Other services you will get seperate API key for document understanding.

if it is not available i think you have to purchase as it is a enterprise one


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Hi @NithyaSankar,

Its not available in on-prem orchestrator unless you get automation hub integrated in on-prem.

However, it is very much available on cloud orchestrator under Licenses for community/cloud users…

Hence, very limited features you would be able to use in on-prem version(only regex extractor etc where api key is not required).


Thanks Sonali

Hi @NithyaSankar,

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