How to get data from First column in a table of webpage.EveryTime different keyword?

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First we want to search on google if capital of country , there capital which we can can’t get in selctor. how to get there?! then we need to search for capital of data on timeandDate webside then extract first row from result table on website.

  1. Read the excel provided.
  2. Get the capital of each country in each row using Google.
  3. Get the weather in the capital of the country of each row using the Time and Date website.
  4. Update the capital, weather, and status column of each row.

With these workflow most of capital we get but some are exception like capital of we can get all capital of countries mentioned in pdf.

Hi @Vidhi_Patel ,

Kindly Check mentioned workflow

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Why we are taking another datatable ExtractDatatable ? :thinking: , What is arraylist = (From row in ExtractDatatable.ASEnumerable() Select Convert.ToString(row("Coumn1’)).ToList(), didn’t get whole syntax , why value of extractDatatable and ArrayList is nothing , what operation we need to do there? @RajKumar_DC

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@raja.arslankhan Here check excel file , i’m able to scrap some capital of country but can’t search some of them. i have scrapped wheather and status from scrap structure data , how can store them in a datatable and how to add column of extratdatatable to wheatherDt.

Hi @Vidhi_Patel, How are you.
Let me check then we will discuss

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I’m Fine , how about you? yes check first. also suggest if i can remove where capital is null and not extracted well.

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Hi @Vidhi_Patel ,

  1. Because we need to get data table so only
  2. “arraylist” for convert data table to ArrayList
  3. “extractDatatable and ArrayList is nothing”: we need to use “Nothing” for the iteration method

Plz Check updated Xmal

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**i’m not able to extract Weather in Vienna, Austria vienna’s wheater with table extraction. Attach Browser ‘chrome.exe Weather’: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

The closest matches found are:
[83%] **
Instead of converting datatble in arraylist we can use output datatable and then join datatable an then write in excel.

@Vidhi_Patel you are facing selector issue? I am not able to open that website where you are getting data. please share link of that.

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yes facing selector isuues, World Temperatures — Weather Around The World .

@Vidhi_Patel Ok I think you are facing issue in specific countries.

yes that too! i can’t get every capital of country as well. and also not getting wheather for capitals in timeandtime website.

@ok I am checking it hope for best

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@Vidhi_Patel If I will be not able to get point then I will try in my end with different logic

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No Problem. Just let me know if you can. Meanwhile i’m trying.

@Vidhi_Patel I will try my best. yeah you try also maybe you solve before me

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I have checked your workflow and I found we can’t get capital of each coutry in one place and there is chance that capital will be not present in that place,
Now in case of sri lanka

Here is not present same like Armenia.
Best way is that we should extract country and their capitals from

and then we can get weather as well

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I’have managed it however , Thank you this , but what’s meaning of ExtractDatatable = Nothing , does it mean we are making that variable empty?!?

@Vidhi_Patel … I am not using any nothing I think you are talking with another person.

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