How to get data from row

Hello Everyone,
How can we get the data from Excel Sheet which is in the below format in a Sheet

Organization Code : AXKK
Address: US
Reference: Website

So we need to get AXKK,US

Hi @anmita

Are the organization code and the value are in different columns if yea then please read the datat in datatable and use look up dattable


Hi @Anil_G

This is the Format

So how can we extract US and Asia depending on Org Code

A Reference Xml would be helpful

HI @anmita

Try out this

  1. Use Read range activity β†’ Store it as DTRead

  2. Use Output Data Table activity β†’ Pass the DtRead and store it as Outputval

  3. Use Assign activity and try with Regex expression

Can you share the excel file. It would help to provide you the XAML file?


Hi @anmita

Please check this

BlankProcess5 - Copy (8).zip (3.2 KB)


Hi @Gokul001
Thanks for the Steps

This is the file need to extract the address , reference and date basically for each Org Code
Format (1).xlsx (5.1 KB)

Hi @Anil_G
Thanks for Reference file

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Hi @anmita

Check out the XAML file

Excel Regex.xaml (8.7 KB)

You can try with Regex expression

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(YourString,"(?<=Organization Code\s\W)\S.*").Tostring





Try with following steps it will work

  1. Use Read range activity β†’ Store it as DTRead
  2. Take for each row in data table β†’ Pass the DTRead
  3. In Loop need to check the condition
    if Organization Code = AXKK then take the value
    Address = US then take the value


Thanks @Gokul001 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @varunk for reference

Hi @anmita

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