How to get column values from datatable after extracting table data from web page

Hi Team,
I have a table data extracted from web page. It has 5 columns and 1 row. I need to get the values of each column.
table example: name, id,company
When I used tablename.column(Index), I am getting the column header as output.

Could anyone please help to get the values from the datatable.

Use can use this syntax in assign :yourdatatable.rows(0).item(“your column name”).tostring
This will fetch first row value from above mentioned column.
Here 0 means it will fetch value from 0 index row

Hi @Nancy29

You can use



Hi Jaydeep,

Thanks for your quick reply.
It worked!!.

Thanks. Let me try this as well.

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If it work for you please mark as solution.

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