How to get data from excel to a field in grid?

This is the grid.

there is an excel file which contains item numbers. How to get the item numbers from excel to the field in the above shown grid? Can you please tell which activity to use in uipath to get the item number from excel?


Did you try with Data Extraction wizard?

If didn’t work then try with Get Text activity also

Hope this may help you


Thank you @Srini84
I tried data extraction wizard but i got an error -“Circular Reference in value argument not supported” . Also tried get text activity not working.
Thank you



I tried to emulate the context you provided in your post to give you an example.
In this gif (the workflow is attached at the bottom of this post), there is an Excel sheet with a column header “Item Number” and the automation executes.

I made the iteration/pseudo “for each” very explicit so that you could see exactly what was happening in the code and acquire a deeper understanding of what I’ve done that you can carry into future projects.

Nevertheless, the automation reads an excel sheet and iterates an index to iterate through the rows of the data table. I put in a “pseudo sequence” in which your code would go. You would attach to the chrome browser, type it into the field/dropdown/input, add your logic or conditionals with regard to that.

This should give you a good idea of how to approach this problem. If you have any questions, let me know!

Workflow in question: Excel_Question.xaml (19.7 KB)

If this is not what you were looking for please give me more details about what we’re trying to do with this website in the aforementioned image.

edit: I saw your above post. Are you trying to extract the values in the dropdown for the “Item Number” from the screen? You originally mentioned Excel which is why I provided this suggestion.

Thanks are this solution @garett
This is a microsoft dynamics 365 webpage where item number should be entered.
I first tried using select item activity to extract values from dropdown but that did not work. Can you please tell which activity to use for extracting values from dropdown other than select item activity?

If the Select Item activity was unable to be used to extract values from the dropdown then your only other option (as far as I’m aware) will be iterating through the UiElements.

My recommendation is to investigate the HTML of the website and where these item numbers “are”. We know they are “within the dropdown” which means the numbers are likely placed in between a “< select >” and “</ select>” tags as individual options.

Use a Find Children activity, set the element/selector to be the parent of all of the Item Number elements.

So, if the HTML looks something like this:

   < select name="itemNumbers" id="itemNumbers"> <-- PARENT / FIND CHILDREN OF
    < option value="123">123</option>
    <option value="456">456</option>
    <option value="789">789</option>
    <option value="101112">101112</option>
  < /select>

When you use a Find Children activity what is returned is an IEnumerable< UiElement > objects. So, you will want to iterate through.

For each [child] in `uie_ItemNumberEle’

For better results, you can set the ‘Filter’ property of the Find Children activity to be very specific like…

< webctrl tag=‘OPTION’>
(Without the space)

This means the only elements that will be in the IEnumerable collection of UiElements is those that are Option tags.

Which effectively means you’re iterating through each child and every child, should, correlate to an Option value. From there, you can do a few things: you can use the Get Attribute activity to get the text/value and then store it as a variable but you’ll want to iterate through all of the dropdown options and likely append each one to a list of list(of string).

If this doesn’t make sense, seems to difficult or you’re unsure of where to start I will whip up a workflow later this evening and develop a simple HTML page to mimic what you’re experiencing to give you an idea.