How to read a data from a column in a excel

Hi all.

I’m facing an issue with working in excel and append the value in a website.
My problem is need to extract a data from the excel sheet from 2 column and from 5th row to 10th row.
Please help be reg the same.
In this i need the country value alone.



Read Range activity (which you can use inside an Excel Application Scope) has a property called Range. If you would like to extract this data from a specific range, you can use this. An example for Range expression: “A5:B10”. Make sure to put it in quotation marks.
If the range cannot be specified, then try reading the whole excel worksheet, which has a datatable output and work with the datatable.

Hope that this helps.

Hi thanks for your reply read Range is not working I have tried the same but no changes could you able to share some example please.

Main.xaml (6.6 KB)

Sending you an example. Check the properties, change the file path for your own.


I think you should use “Select Range” activity, in excel which help you to select particular row and columns

Hope this will solve your problem.