How to get Boolean value for disabled button

Hi friends need help to find Boolean for disabled button. Any idea please tell me.

When enabled for click then value should be = 1.

When disable for click then value should be 0.

Check these solutions:

There might be a difference in attribute or class while the button is disabled and while enabled you will have to find that attribute and work on that. Check all the attributes of the Selector using the UiExplorer, as it is the best way to identify any un-noticed attributes that are not present at the first stage in the Edit Selector Panel.

Use Get Attribute activity and indicate that View button. One of the attribute in the selector holds the button status.

In order to find the difference between both enabled and disabled, try to get the selector of both scenarios and compare. Some attributes will be different. Use the disabled selector in the element that exists and throw an exception if the output comes as false.

Another way is when you click on view most probably a new page will come up. Use an element exists for the new page after clicking on “View”. If that element exists and returns false, we can throw an exception as we are sure that the click didn’t work.

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It worked thankyou for the support.