How to get a text from Hover


From the above image if
mouse hover is done on image,
we get a link near the task bar. how to fetch that link
Note: once the mouse hover is out of image link disappears

Activity to be used : get attribute Activity

Set Attribute to “href” . . Set Selector to the image from which the hyperlink has to be retrieved
create a variable and store the result.

The result will be stored in the variable will contain the URL.


I not am getting the required url. I want one which is in the task bar

I Believe, that is the href url that comes near task bar. its same!

after selected the image press F2 .

no such attribute(href) found tell any other way

Not working

Select parent tag in uiexplorer , in that select href, see un this image

Can you try it using Data Scrapping method.

pls tell me how?

Flipkart I just showed example. my url is different. if I print href, it is showing empty

Hello, take a mouse hover activity and select the image. By this way it will show that link and then take get text activity and click to indicate on screen …before selecting Ui element press F2 to add few delay and then mouse hover on image manually once it shows the link .click on that after delay finished. By this way you can do that.