How to get URL from hyperlink icon?

i have used click activity to right click on icon and then use click activity again to copy the link to clipboard but its not working properly and taking time also, so i need one alternative to copy hidden URL of icon on webpage.

maybe get attribute? if is inside the selector…


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Can you show how the element will be, once you click on the Icon, Is the url is displayed as link?

Then you can use Get Text activity also

Hope this may help you


i want url behind these icons for 100 records then suggest what can be done?

Check in UiExplorer, find the attribute which has url. Use get attribute activity to fetch that attribute.

But get attribute is not allowing “href” to select as attribute, and not working also in for each row loop, can you suggest what can be done here?


It depends upon the selector which you choose and all the attributes in that selector will list on the attribute field in the “Get attribute” activity.

For this, you need to enable a modern design experience in studio and project settings.


Did we try with DATA SCRAPPING method
To fetch the url


yes i tried with that but it did not worked for me

can anyone review the xml file and let me know what is wrong why loop is not working?NEW_PPR_ROBOT.xaml (302.0 KB)