How can i extract the image after hovering on some element

Hi guys,

I an facing issue like

In a webpage i have (Information icon) is the icon check the link) in my website anywhere many times if i hover to that icon it will show some message below say for an example (This is the information icon ) as a image below that icon when i hover to that. So i want to extract that text from the image.

otherwise we have to inspect element (cntrl+U) in the webpage after that i have to search for Img Class Tag after that inside that tag that information is there as a text.
Is this method is possible how can i extract that text inside <#img><“This is Information icon”> <#img>

please help me guys how can i do it …
It was eating my head!!!


Use to hover over the icon, and then a Get Text activity. Press F2 to pause (a timer will appear on the right side of the screen) so you have time to hover over the icon and then indicate the text you want to get.

thanks for the reply

But here i dont how many information image is there in the webpage
how can i hover all those one by one
And also after that 3 secs that text is invisible

Could you post a screenshots of two selectors of the icons?
Also, it doesn’t really matter for how long the text is visible, as long as the get text activity manages to capture it.

oh you misunderstood

im Saying after Waiting for 3 secs while pressing F2 that image is invisible. Uipath pointing out that Information icon only

And also if i hover to that image and im checking the selector my required text (this is information icon) is present under Webctrl aaname=‘this is information icon’ is ther in selector
How can i extract that aaname text only

Use with aaname as the attribute.

Sorry im trying print the result in message box.
But workflow executing without any error, message box is not even shown (not even empty)

Create a variable that will contain the get attribute result and put that into the message box.

Yeah thats what im doing here also

Could you share a screen shot of the workflow?

sorry i forget that i have commented that sequence !!!
now its working fine
And tell me another thing now i did hovering and extracting for one image, how can i do it for all dynamically this is image may be anywhere in a webpage how can i find and extract one by one

Help me @RobertD please

You need to check it’s selector. See if there is a part that increments, or changes in a particular way, then you can use a loop to get from the 1st to last.