Retrieve text from tool tip on mouse hover for more than one image on a screen (Dynamic)

I need to retrieve text from an image on the webpage. When i hover the mouse on that image, it gives me a tool tip with text. I need to extract the text from that.

I have done that when there is only one image in the screen. However, sometimes there are more than one image on the screen.

My problem is i am not able to get the mouse to hover on the second or third image on the screen.

attached is the screen shot of my elements for reference.

Here for each image, “divTest324073036” is unique whihc means for one image div test will be divTest324073036 and for another it will be “divTest324073037” and so on.

Please help me make this hovering mouse on the webpage be dynamic?

Hi @Jigar
Try using Get Attribute activity, from there get the value of onmouseover

Hope it will help.

Hi @shankm,

I have done that already…but i could do it only for one image on the screen.

My problem is how do i make it dynamic. It is not necassary that i get only one image always in that page. Sometimes, it shows 2 images or even 3.

I want my workflow to detect if there are n number of images, hover on each image (if images appear), retrive the text.


Ok understood.
Use a find children activity, inside that use filter as . It will get you a list of all span elements from that page.
Iterate on the list and do the same get attribute activity as we discussed above.