How to Generate Invoices

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I have an Invoice template which is in Word format.

My issue is that suppose i have 10 different item how to store them in invoice template in table format.If i redesign template for that 10, but suppose next time items are 20.

How to store items in table format .

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Sahil Garg

Hi @Sahil_Garg1 try using Document Understanding. This might resolve your issue.

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Hey @Sahil_Garg1 :wave:

Have you used Word Activities?

Take a look at this:

Hope this helps. If you’re facing any issues when designing workflows, kindly let me know.


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Hi Mate,

We can insert dataTable but u see in an invoice Formatting of table is needed , insert DataTable will not create invoice format table.

Again Thanks for your suggestion.

Hi mate,

Thanks for your reply.
Give me little time let me check this one also.

Understood that @Sahil_Garg1, you can use Build DT to form a structure and then add data to it. If its a complex structure then, you can have like a template to do the same.