Generate Invoice receipt from Database records

HI Guys,

Please I want to create an Automation to generate Invoice from Database record and save as an Image file.

Please I help help to achieve this.

My first thought is to use an image editor and have it Type in the information from your Database and save the image. It requires sourcing a third party image editor. Also do you need help getting the Data from the Database or just the generation.

Thanks for your feedback, I can get the data from database the challenge is generating the recipt in a particular template and save as image file.

Hello @Onyekachi_John

I think you can use an MS Word template in this particular scenario. Let’s assume you are able to query the database and have the selected records stored in a (122.2 KB) table variable. You can then use a For Each Row activity to loop through the records.

Within the For Each Row activity, place a Word Application Scope activity to point to the MS Word (invoice) template file. You can then use a Save Document As activity to rename and save the Word file to a directory of your choice, and then as many Replace Text in Document activities to replace the placeholder strings in the template file with data from the current row of the datatable.

Find attached a sample process.

@afe.araromi, Thanks a million this really assisted me.