How to generate datatable with line vertical "|" as separator


How can I generate a datatable from a text file that has vertical lines as separator “|”.

Currently I use the “Read Text File” activity to get all the data in a string variable and then the “Generate Data Table” activity but this activity in the Column Separators option does not have a vertical line “|”, and if I manually put "| " in Column Separators when I run it fails to do the column separation.

Thank you in advance for your support.

had you tried following?

Hi! Peter, in my case the file is a .txt and not a csv, is for that reason that i use the activity “read text file”

  • you can rename the extension,
  • you can assign the path manually

Maybe you can share the txt file or some sample data with us?


it is accepting:

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Thanks! Peter, my error was put “|” with quotation mark, now this work!

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