In the Generate Datatable activity, How to use 5 spaces as a column seperator

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I want to create a datatable from string. so, I am using Generate Datatable activity.
In Generate Datatable activity, I want to use 5 spaces as a column seperator. How can I do that?

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Very likely you file is separated by “Tabs” and you could simply try replacing them with semicolumn like:


If not, you could replace “more than one space” by “One space”. You can do it with the Replace Activity with the Pattern “\s+” ==> “”


Generate Data Table
Column Delimiter: Set to a character that is not present in your data, e.g., “~”
To: YourDataTable.Columns(0).ColumnName
Value: YourDataTable.Columns(0).ColumnName.Replace(“~”, " “)
To: YourDataTable.Columns(1).ColumnName
Value: YourDataTable.Columns(1).ColumnName.Replace(”~", " ")

YourDataTable.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn)().Select(Function(column) column.ColumnName = column.ColumnName.Replace("~", " ")).ToList()


Hi @pradnyajadhav0712

If possible can you share the Input and the respected Output.


Hi @pradnyajadhav0712

Will be great if you can share the data.

YourTextVariable.Replace(" ", “,”)

You can replace the 5 space with comma & create the table with column separate as comma in the generate table.


If you just leave it as is also it should detect


Hi @pradnyajadhav0712

In Generate Data Table Activity - Data Formatting Options - Use 5 Spaces in Column Seperator and try it