Can anyone suggest for convert text file to data table

I am trying to convert text file to data table using generate data table but not getting proper format can I use a filter on the text file

Can you share the text with us, if it is not confidential?

can you come into email inbox please give me email address

when we are using GENERATE DATATABLE activity with a string variable passed as input
that input string must have a proper delimiter between each string like either it must have space as a delimiter, comma, or a tab
if there is any such missing then we wont be able to get the proper format we want
kindly check that once
Cheers @Arun_Pondhe1

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In my scenario there is tab in between but still not getting proper in generate data table

have we mentioned that tab as a delimiter in the property panel of GENERATE DATATABLE activity and the property name is

Formatting Options

  • ColumnSeparators - Specifies the character that is to be used as a column separator. This field supports only String variables.

Cheers @Arun_Pondhe1