How to force windows update on VM machines

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Respectfully request if anyone has successfully created a bot that can run and install the windows update on virtual machines. Having VMs not updated regularly is a security risk that we have been tasked with assisting. I’ve spoken to some people and they suggested running a command prompt but I cannot figure out how to get that to work either. I am newer to this platform so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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It looks quite interesting
But I would suggest to standardise that process as it not only just involves upgrading the windows
It is involved with lot of configuration
So let’s standardise the process based on which whether we can go head with command line option or through windows setup

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Why wouldn’t you just turn on auto-update in Windows?

Hi Paul,

These are server OS VMs that have a group policy applied that prevents the auto-update of Windows currently. I’ve checked with our network team in the past and they are unsure of how to configure this.

@Palaniyappan, is this along the lines of what you are thinking, the configuration should be fixed?


Don’t they have a centralized application they use to manage patching of servers and workstations? This shouldn’t be done via RPA. This should be done via systems management tools.

This is what I was about to mention
There will be lot of patches getting applied on timely basis
So that process of configuration has to standardised


@postwick and @Palaniyappan

Our company is in the process of pulling away from a Vendor who was doing this process for us so the knowledge of how to do this is limited. This is why it came to my team to research. At Forward it was suggested using the IT automation package to try this and other patches we need done, that is why I posted the question. I’ll take this information back and have our network team research the group policies more. Thank you both.


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Fine then @Kyle_Barton