Automatic setup of virtual machines

Hello guys,

We have a case that the number of Virtual Machines where the bots can run is increasing. So, I want to know if someone is using a kind of script to run in each machine to do the configuration of the windows account - change date formats, change language, number format, create folders, initialize outlook, select default apps to some files, etc.

Doing all the mentioned steps manually for each machine/each user is a lot of effort… can anyone help with that?

Thanks in advance!


Large organizations usually have templates for that. Users are granted access via an Active Directory and rights are set via User- and Group policies.

Normally the IT department can do this for you. You have to set the requirements for the sofware, location of the software, AD groups/permissions. File/folder permissions. Anything else the IT department will do (firewall, proxies, network shares, etc).

So it depends:
On which side are you? Vendor or organization? Is there an IT department? If so, my advise would be to talk to them about what they need and what you need to provide.

Or are you running standalone desktops?

Are you running enterprise cloud or On-premise? Is your current licensemodel reading for upscaling?

As you can see, more detail would be needed to be able to advise you on this.